Although February, the month of love and friendship, has already been left behind, it does not mean that the rest of the year we should forget about these great feelings that make the world and our hearts turn. So we present a list with 10 of the best Drama and Romance anime, Drama? Of course, not everything is rosy, a good romance is always accompanied by tears, anguish, misunderstandings and ... of course, laughter, tenderness, happiness and promises of eternal love. So if you want to see an anime that makes you cry for three or four episodes in a row and then laugh as a schoolgirl to then bump against the table for misunderstandings between characters sure you will find something here for you.

- Top 10 best drama romance anime of all time:

Paradise Kiss

The world of fashion with its exclusive designs, beautiful people and glamorous lives is one of the things that matter least to Yukari Hayasaka, she, like all Japanese high school students can only think about exams and enter a good university. However, all this changes when she is recruited by a group of fashion students who want her as a model for her final project. The leader of this group is George Koizumi, a fashion genius, rich, bisexual and rebellious who wants his designs to be recognized all over the world.

Yukari and George have quite different personalities and this at first is an obstacle for them to understand each other, but precisely when facing these differences is when love and attraction begin to flourish. There are many dramatic moments throughout the story, Yukari has always been a "good girl" and now seems to be seduced by the "bad boy". For his part, George wants Yukari to live her life and at the same time be responsible for her decisions and mistakes. The romance between the two of them has a fairly mature and realistic tone with adequate doses of tension and happiness. It is also necessary to mention that this anime does not only have romance: there is an occasional risqué scene between the protagonists that demonstrates realism and the passion of life as a couple. Tears, fashionistas and passionate kisses are some of the things that await you in this show and that make this anime as one of the best drama romance anime of all time.

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Futaba Yoshioka was always popular with the boys and that brought her problems with the rest of the girls so in high school she decides to act less feminine to be able to have more friends. After all, Futaba has only liked one guy: Kou Tanaka, who simply disappeared from her life one summer a few years ago. One day Futaba meets Kou at school, but he seems to be a completely different person, even introducing himself as Kou Mabuchi. Is it the same boy she fell in love with once?

In this anime series we have two characters that for better or for worse seem to have changed a lot with the passage of time. Two strangers who are in a new stage of their lives that requires them to face their problems and mature. Kou has a very painful past and the whole cast is trying to cheer him up and make him smile, but maybe Futaba is the only one who can get him out of the abyss into which he has submerged. Kou is always on the defensive and ends up hurting others, but Futaba is willing to overcome any adversity. This anime has many dramatic and sad moments, although there is also some humor and tender moments to give you a balance.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

In this anime romance and classical music go hand in hand. Our protagonist, Kousei Arima, was a child prodigy of the piano; however, after a series of traumatic events he is now unable to play again, to the degree that he does not even hear the sound of the keys when he plays them. Kousei has a boring and colorless life until he meets Kaori Miyazono, a young and energetic violinist who will help him return to the world of music.

In Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, which considered as one of the best drama romance anime ever, we have the romance between Kaori and Kousei but also the romance that all the characters have with classical music. In fact, Kousei must relive his love for music to be able to return to love himself and also to accept his feelings towards Kaori. The story becomes more dramatic when Kaori's secret is discovered. Our two main characters keep a lot of pain in their heart and music is the therapy they resort to to heal it. When the characters play their instruments they communicate with each other, they create a dialogue that allows them to grow as people, each musical piece that they play is key in the evolution of their relationship.

Junjou Romantica

As everyone knows, love comes in many forms and this Shonen Ai anime shows us the love between boys. In Junjou Romantica we will meet three different couples: Misaki Takahashi, a university student who moves to the luxury department of Akihiko Usami, a famous writer; Nowaki Kusama a medical student who falls madly in love with Hiroki Kamijou, a literature professor and, finally, the young Shinobu Takatsuki who believes he is destined to share his life with You Miyagi, his ex-brother-in-law.

Each pair has its ups and downs in their respective relationships, the problems they face vary in intensity but that does not subtract a bit of drama from this anime. The romance these characters live is quite intense, honorable mention for Hiroki and Nowaki who share perhaps the most passionate scenes of the whole series. Misunderstandings, arguments and, of course, romantic ways of making peace are the order of the day in this anime where men seek to win the heart of their man.

Sukitte Ii na yo. (Say "I Love You".)

One day Yamato Kurosawa gives his phone number to Mei Tachibana. This would not be strange if not because Yamato is one of the most popular high school kids they attend while Mei is an introverted and antisocial girl who does not have or want to have friends because she was betrayed in the past. Mei does not know what to do, all this time has been ignored by everyone as she had wanted but now this handsome boy wants to be with her.

Something that stands out in this anime is how it shows how difficult it is to accept the feelings that another person may have towards you. Mei is very confused by Yamato's displays of affection and wonders if she should remain an introvert or if it should correspond to this boy who seems to have honest intentions. Trust or not trust? That's the dilemma of Mei who until now felt safe away from others. Mei must overcome her past and find the strength to confess her feelings towards Yamato.

Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live)

A boy who lives quietly in the countryside, Haruto Kirishima suddenly meets Yuzuki Eba, a city girl who leaves as soon as she come, leaving Haruto with a handful of beautiful memories. Eventually, Haruto moves to Tokyo to become a cook, although secretly he wants to be with Yuzuki who now seems to avoiding him. On the other hand, after a misunderstanding, Haruto meets Asuka Mishima and also begins to develop feelings toward her.

The relationships in this anime are more complicated than they appear. The characters are faced with several fairly difficult decision making which adds a lot of drama to the story. On the other hand we also have the element of a romance that germinates when the characters meet in childhood; However, over the years it is difficult to know what one wants and our characters face the possibility of being hurt. Love is not easy and this anime shows us that.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair)

To give some variety to our list we have an anime set in a fantasy world. In this world lives Shirayuki, a cheerful girl who is preparing to become an apothecary, that is, an expert in the preparation of remedies. The prince of the Tanbarun kingdom, where Shirayuki lives, wants her to become his concubine so Shirayuki decides to escape. Our heroine is rescued by Zen Wistalia, Prince of Clarines, the neighboring country. Shirayuki decides to show her gratitude by trying to become the apothecary at the Zen court.

This anime is very interesting because Zen and Shirayuki have very different motivations: he wants to be a prince worthy of his people and she wants to become a professional. Maybe Shirayuki was saved at first, but she is really an intelligent woman with many skills and able to protect herself and others. Although these characters are so different they manage to understand each other little by little and support each other in adversity. This series may seem like a fairy tale, but the way in which the characters relate and grow goes beyond what we are already used to see. A fantasy romance with very realistic characters.

Plastic Memories

From the Romance of Fantasy we passed to the Romance of Science Fiction. In Plastic Memories we have a future where there are androids with synthetic souls called Giftia. These androids fulfill different functions within society, however they can only live around 9 years, after that their memories and personality disappear and there is a risk that they become violent. Tsukasa Mizugaki is a young man whose job is to recover the Giftia that have "expired" before they cause problems. His assistant is Isla, a beautiful Giftia whose life is about to expire.

The premise of this show makes it very clear to us the dramatic situation that the Giftia and the humans that relate to them live. In this case, Tsukasa gradually falls in love with Isla and decides to be by her side despite knowing that she has little time left before her memories expire. What kind of relationship can you have with someone who is about to disappear? This anime tries to answer this question. The relationship between Isla and Tsukasa is really interesting and well achieved, full of tender moments that help us to cope with the drama that looms over them.

Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope)

With this anime we return to the musical genre, without getting away from the romance, of course. The story tells us about Kaoru Nishimi, a classical pianist who has moved from one place to another since he was a child. After moving to Kyushu he meets Sentarou Kawabuchi, a rebellious boy who loves Jazz and is a genius with drums, and Ritsuko Mukae, a girl whose family has a record store. Kaoru will discover the world of Jazz as well as friendship and eventually love.

To the rhythm of Jazz we are presented with a love triangle: Kaoru is in love with Ritsuko, but she in turn is in love with Sentarou who seems to be interested in another girl. Can the friendship that exists between the three survive? Kaoru and Ritsuko have quiet and affable personalities which is in contrast to Sentarou who is more extroverted. Confessions, Romance, mixed or unrequited feelings and a luxury soundtrack is what you will find in this anime which is one of the best drama romance anime of all time.

Kokoro Connect

Yamaboshi High School is like any other, with student clubs like the Cultural Research Club. The five members of this club suddenly begin to switch bodies without any explanation and without control over the situation temporary and randomly. When being inside the body of their friends their most hidden secrets and feelings will come to light. Taichi Yaegashi will discover his feelings for his companions Iori Nagase and Himeko Inaba.

A School Romance with supernatural tints is what Kokoro Connect offers us. Some of the characters have pasts and secrets that they prefer to forget but that are discovered by their friends when they switch their bodies. Explaining the relationships between the characters of this anime is difficult because everyone is connected in a spiritual way as the title of the show says (Kokoro means "heart" in Japanese). There are many emotional moments and full of drama since all the characters have access to the memories and thoughts of all. In a situation like this, it's good to wonder if trust between friends and potential partners can survive when secrets can not exist.

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